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  • Chicken/Tripe Mince » 25 x 454g £19.99
  • Chicken Carcass » 4 x 2kg Packs £12.99
  • Chicken Mince » 25 x 454g £17.59
  • Chicken Wings » 4x2kg £15.99
  • Lamb Mince » 25 x 454g £18.99
  • Meat/Tripe Mince » 25 x 454g £19.99
  • Ox Cheek Mince » 25 x 454g £18.99
  • Poultry Necks » 4 x 2kg £15.99
  • Raw Bones Large » Pack of 10 £11.99
  • Raw Bones Small & Medium » Pack of 20 £12.99
  • Tripe Mince » 25 x 454g £26.95

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Ideal served as part of the BARF diet with raw meat and the Berriewood BARF Vegetable & Herb Mix.

When feeding as part of the BARF diet we advise you to give your dog a bone immediately after its meal. This extends the time the dog is busy with food in a natural way. When chewing a natural snack after its meal, it develops enzymes which digest his meal better.

Our frozen and raw products arrive in specialist packaging to ensure your product arrives frozen. Please call us to enquire about frozen and raw products and our product specialists will be ready to help.

Berriewood BARF meats are quick frozen from fresh to maintain superior quality.

Chicken Carcasses Come Whole.

Feeding Guide

To serve simply remove packaging and stand in a cool place until thawed.

Small breeds (1 - 10Kg)
250g - 390g of meat mixed with 1g - 10g of Veg & Herb mix

Medium Breeds (11 - 25Kg)
400g - 550g of meat mixed with 11 - 25g of Veg & Herb Mix

Large Breeds (26 - 44Kg)
551g - 750g of meat mixed with 26g - 44g of Veg & Herb Mix

Giant Breeds (44+Kg)
750g (or as required) of mest mixed with 75g of Veg & Herb Mix

BARF Bone Diets to be fed 3 times a week or as required.

The Large Raw Bones are beef, while the Small & Medium packs are an assortment of lamb, pork and beef.

The Small & Medium Bones will vary in size and may include a combination of shanks with marrow and whole bones.

All dogs should be supervised when feeding a bone.

Berriewood BARF Vegetable & Herb Mix is a 100% natural source of essential & varied minerals, vitamins and nutrients from over 50 different seeds, nuts, fruits, berries, vegetables, pulses and herbs. All the ingredients were, after research, chosen for maximum nutritional benefits and to create a healthy and balanced addition to a dog’s diet – only the water is missing. Being a dehydrated powder, it has a long shelf life and is formulated to ensure that expensive supplements are unnecessary.
Just add to raw meat to make a really palatable natural meal.

Each Mince is 100% meat apart from chicken which contains 25% bone.


Keep frozen until use.

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Below are some recent questions we've received regarding Berriewood BARF Diets, including answers from our team.

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Content of Meat

24th Nov 2016
Sylvia Caldicott
  • Berriewood Wholesale Customer Since: November 2015
  • From: Somerset, United Kingdom

The product says meat and tripe - what is the Meat content please ?

  • Website Content Developer

Hi Sylvia,

It's 25% beef and 75% tripe.

I hope this helps.

Offal content

27th Jun 2016
Lewis Anderson
  • Berriewood Wholesale Customer Since: June 2016
  • From: Norfolk, United Kingdom

Does any of the meat products in your range contain offal of any kind. Liver kidney etc

  • Non-Executive Director

BARF diets generally do deliberately include some of these internal organs. For instance the chicken diets will contain most of the entire carcase, including the heart, lungs, liver and kidneys, along with the muscle etc.

Bone content

11th Dec 2015

Hi there could you tell me what the bone content of the ox cheek mince is please.

Also do your chicken carcases come whole or in pieces?

  • Meds Supervisor


Thank you for your question,

I can confirm that the Ox Cheek is 100% meat, as for the chicken carcasses they come whole.

I hope this helps if you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bone content

25th Nov 2015
  • Berriewood Wholesale Customer Since: November 2015
  • From: Oxon, United Kingdom

Can you tell me the bone content of the chicken/tripe mix? Am I right in thinking there isn't any significant bone content in the lamb mince? Thanks

  • Marketing Analyst

Hi Standfield

Thanks for your question.

The bone content in the "Chicken/Tripe" is approximately between 4-8%. The "Lamb Mince" has no bone content.

Bone content

12th Nov 2015
  • Berriewood Wholesale Customer Since: November 2015
  • From: Powys, United Kingdom

what is the bone content in barf minced chicken

  • Meds Supervisor


Thank you for your question, the bone content in the chicken mince is approximately 25%

I hope this helps, if you have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.